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Almost 'DeadJournal'

Well, it's been over a month since the last post here. Not that I'm dead, gone, or otherwise... namely just busy.

Largest moment in recent memory was yesterday, where I rode the motorcycle into work for the first time. Trekked down Sligo Creek Parkway to Georgia Ave., then down to Rock Creek Park, to the Kennedy Center/Watergate, then on to the Memorial Bridge, and then the GW to work. It took an hour and fifteen minutes, top speed was a little over 70mph on the straightaway, just to see how it was. Generally, it was pretty exhillarating, and I'm definitely going to ride more often. I just need to get riding boots (my shoes show a black mark on the toe where I use the shifter) and a lighter jacket (with breathable holes for ventillation).

Work is ho-hum. Interesting, yes, but some aggravating points now and again. More on that later, or head on over to the other blog for more blow by blow. Anyhow, just wanted to pop up and say I'm still here.

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