November 22nd, 2006

Bannana Jr.


I dunno... maybe I'm just not a holiday person. The only benefit I see here is getting out of work early now that I'm a gubmit contractor. Got home (after a tasty lunch at Cap City) and went for a nap for 4 hours... I HATE getting up early now (an hour earlier than I used to)....

I'm really wanting to think about something else, since at least when I had the other job, I could get in at 9:30am and leave at 5 or 6pm... now I'm tied into the wife's schedule... bleh.

I get to go back to the HQ on Friday since nobody will be in on Friday to let me into the main building I work at. A few plusses... jeans, pinball, and lunch at Sweetwater tavern (getting my two growlers filled.. yum).

Heh, just watching TV on the Mac... Jenna Bush had her cell phone stolen while vacationing in Argentina... great... I'd love to see the phone numbers, really...

Fox 45 was wondering what the hell the Secret Service was doing at the time.


DId some beer labels for the alumni brewing completed last week... I have another 6 to design... I was surprised how well they came out. I have to hand draw a few others.. those should be interesting.
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