October 10th, 2006

Bannana Jr.

Missing Posts... wha?!

Well, economizing on the post eh? Well, no so much. We were out an about Monday and Tuesday taking in the countryside that is Scotland. The first trek on Monday was via the Gray Line bus to Glasgow and then to Loch Lomond. We took a boat out on to the loch for viewing, albeit, no one was REALLY out there of the lone island on the loch, which supposedly contains the only nudist colony in the UK. Phhhsht.

Our wrap around along the foothills (courtesy of our driver Ross) brought us to end our day at Stirling Castle across from the "penile" Wallace Monument across the valley. I really do promise to post photos. Serious history being expounded there. 'cept for the "yellow" building, it was what you expected from a castle. Yes, i said "yellow". Supposedly in the main hall, which they were reconstructing, they found "original paint" of the walls, which was, well, a light gold yellow. Not the typical color you seem to associate with a castle, but, um, this IS Scotland... We shuffled back down to Endinburgh after that, and copped out with dinner by going to Frankie & Benny's. I was in full force of my cold/flu at this time... not an enjoyable evening. Oh, we also stopped back in HMV to pick up the Badly Drawn Boy single, "Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind"

On Tuesday we woke up at the ass crack of dawn to get prepared for the 12 hour bus trip to the north, to see the highlands and Loch Ness. Yes, the destination may seem chessy, but damn, the Highlands are impressive. Yes, yes, more photos are nessesary, and like I said, they are coming. I think each day I blew through 400+ photos. As well, we also took a boat trip out on the loch, but Nessie was no where to be found. Realizing we had no more days left to get souvenirs, we collected those along the way too, including candy, magnets, and scotch. Good scotch.

We wrapped up the day driving the full length of Loch Ness and in through Inverness and then the lonely wet drive back to Edinburgh (this time with Graham Gordon, the driver). This guy was whipping a 24 foot bus around tight little corners and mountain roads like it was a Fiat. we were in the back of the bus like the previous day, but when you're at the back of a bus doing what was just described, you will get a little motion sickness.

Not to let out what we did on Sunday, but we hopped a bus to visit the north side of Edinburgh, hit the botanical gardens, the Royal Yacht Britannia, and then stopped off at Holyrood Palace and The New Scottish Parliament building. Yes, more photos there as well. I think I'll just have a post with photos soon. Dinner was disappointing. We tried to hit the WOrld's End Pub because of the Sunday Roast special (with a carmel apple melt as desert) only to find two folks ordered the last special, and mine was NOT the one they opted to serve, so I drank my beer (Deuchar's IPA) and Gaby her tea and wandered off to another pub/restaurant firther up the road (this time accompanied by a Carling Extra Cold) to sample what passes as a steak in Scotland and a "taste of Scotland" which my wife ordered, that included "Neeps, Tatties and Haggis" (Turnips, mashed Potatoes, and um, haggis). Really, it wasn't that bad, the "neeps" were actually the least plesant items.
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