October 8th, 2006

Bannana Jr.

Haggis, Yachts, and McEwans

We survived the wedding. Lots of drinking, dancing (yes) and fun. I must go to more Scottish weddings, everybody was friendly and happy. Moreso than other weddings I've been to. I guess a Indian wedding will be next.

We had haggis tonight as part of a sampler. Wasn't as bad as everybody makes it out to be. Gabby had a "traditional" Scottish breakfast thsi morning at the hotel. I WASN'T under ANY circumstances goign to eat the blood sausage.

We did go on a mini-tour of northern Edinburgh today, visiting the moored Royal Yacht Britania. We visited Holyrood Palace and across the street was the New Scottish Parliament.

My feet are killing me after all the walkign and standing of the past few days. Luckily we get to ride buses the next few days. Tomorrow is Glasgow, Stirling Castle and the Trossachs. Tuesday it's Inverness, Loch Ness and a few other stops.

I've made my way through enough local Edinburgh brews to come to a conclusion... they like their malts. Which isn't that odd given their fondness for other malted mash, which is scotch. I've settled onthe McEwans 70 as the best of those tried. I had some bait and switch at the "Worlds End Pub" which had a pleasing special and also offered Abbots ALe, but both Abbots and the special (a roast beef dish) were out. Piss poor service as well.

We ended up at The Mitre, which wa sin another old building (really?!) and that's where we samples haggis, nips and tatties. I had a steak with pepper sauce and chips, onion rings and a large mushroom cap.

I'm off to JD Witherspoons downstairs to take in a few more local brews since I dunno when we'll be back tomorrow. I definitely want to see the Channel Four premiere of "Assassination of a President" about somebody shooting Bush. It'll be on at 7:30pm, so we'll see if we're back in time (8.5 hour bus tour at 9am tomorrow)
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