October 5th, 2006

Bannana Jr.


We got into the UK and Edinburgh well. The worst, and as I predicted, the most annoying part was security. I thought only when returnign from the UK would we need to only have one carry on, however, going through Heathrow, we had to compress the two carry-ons we had to one from our flight from Londian, via British-Midlands to Edinburgh.

The weather is, as they call it here, driek, or gloomy and overcast (and raining). It's a bit windy and dry this evening. We napped when we got here... the hotel that is. It's an awesome hotel, which I will post photos of tomorrow. The room is a good as I expected.

I took some nighttime photos of the hill behind the hotel via the courtyard, once again, I'll post tomorrow.

We walked about 4 blocks to get here from the bus. Much smaller than US blocks, so it wasn't bad.

We managed a chip shop for dinner, basically a "ham pizza, with a large order of chips [fries]". About 7 GBP. The exchange rate was horrible... basically $200 got us about 94 and some change in GBP (after the exchange comission).

We're still trying to figure out what to see tomorrow. Probably we'll hit the castle, and thee are a number of other things to see in the area.

Oh, the internet is 15 GBP a day (sheesh) but SoundtrackNet is paying some of it, and for the days I'm working, I'm charging back to the company. It's slow, so I may not post photos often.

TV, in the UK, as predicted from last time, still sucks... but it's more channels than we have at home via the antenna.
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