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Two years... talk about backwater...

Soooooooo..... why am I back here after two years. To say that events in my life are starting to become interesting is an understatement. Not quite ready to come out of the bunker to reveal all to the world... but a new site I was one prefers LiveJournal to other blogging options, so this may get a redo...

However... it's like 1am or so here and I begin to wonder why I'm posting... no one reads it, no one I know should be up.. oh wait, irn_bru has a baby now, scratch that...

Hmm, I think it's time to invest in a mobile blogging app for the ole iPhone... all new ways to waste time outside of FaceBook...

Hah, oddly enough, last few posts were about ShmooCon, and lordy be, ShmooCon is next week... I think this is the default go-to spot to post shit about it for me. Will wonders ever cease? If not, then the next few months will suck... a lot!
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Bannana Jr.

still here...

Just logged in after a long excuse to be able to comment on some of the discussions regarding the "bail out" plan floating around town for the financial crisis. What got us into this mess is important to learn from but silly as to why it happened, namely due to greed... which is just stupid, sick and degrading to those who played by the rules.
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not dead yeat

Hey, just posting to keep things alive here, but also just to see if anybody may be reading, if you are, drop something in the comments. I'm trying to find a good blogging client for iPhone that's LJ and WordPress compatible.
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(no subject)

Still here! No... really?!

I've been blogging mainly on DC Metblogs and my own site of recent, and haven't kept up the shop around here. If anybody's paying attention, I'm still alive, here, somewhat enjoying work, waiting for September (when the wife heads to India for a month), and just in general, trying to get the house and my office in order.

Saw Guggenheim Grotto again last night at Jammin Java... twas good. I highly recommend them if you're looking for something good to listen to. I'll have photos soon on the other blog and maybe a review on DC Metblogs if you're lucky.
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Almost 'DeadJournal'

Well, it's been over a month since the last post here. Not that I'm dead, gone, or otherwise... namely just busy.

Largest moment in recent memory was yesterday, where I rode the motorcycle into work for the first time. Trekked down Sligo Creek Parkway to Georgia Ave., then down to Rock Creek Park, to the Kennedy Center/Watergate, then on to the Memorial Bridge, and then the GW to work. It took an hour and fifteen minutes, top speed was a little over 70mph on the straightaway, just to see how it was. Generally, it was pretty exhillarating, and I'm definitely going to ride more often. I just need to get riding boots (my shoes show a black mark on the toe where I use the shifter) and a lighter jacket (with breathable holes for ventillation).

Work is ho-hum. Interesting, yes, but some aggravating points now and again. More on that later, or head on over to the other blog for more blow by blow. Anyhow, just wanted to pop up and say I'm still here.
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(no subject)

"Hot Fuzz" --- going to see that tonight with irnbru_man. Liked "Shaun of the Dead", hopefully this one is just as fun and entertaining. Figured I'd post here to say hey. You can bop on over to my other blog to check out the Apple Enterprise project I'm involved in.
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More Shmoo

ShmooCon '07 was this weekend... much fun was to be had. I networked, I think, quite significantly. I drank well, and shared where possible. I did manage to get 16 bottles of beer into the bag that was given to attendees.

I would highly recommend it to anybody who's interested in information/computer security, and generally just want a good time. I met up with Ian and the crew from CEG... although we seemed to be dissed by them over the weekend. I'm not sure it was orchestrated, but maybe it was just bad luck and timing.

I'll put more in a lter post, but I felt bad nothing was posted in March.
Bannana Jr.

The Undertaking...

So, earlier this week I made motions to return the HD and DVR boxen from Verizon because I couldn't get video, time or place shift the contents easily. FiOS is great, lots of choices, but I don't like not knowing the future of my DVR. TiVo, with all it's uncertainties, at least has a vibrant community of hackers and people working on it. So, I bought a Series 3 DVR with a Slingbox Pro, in an effort to manage my "media". With that, I also realized I'd be freeing up space on our home server for the TV shows on the RAID (and I've had problems with it). So I'm moving the old shows off (BitTorrented) and making room for the next project... ripping all the DVDs I have to MPEG 4 files. I'm about 41 films down, with about 30 or so as VOBs I'll cue up on the Quad G5 to rip (the Mac Mini and my Powerbook are workign overtime this weekend.. the Quad is currently being used for Taxes, since the damn tax software only works for Windows... and the DVD insertion slows Virtual PC down for some reason).

Anyhow, I think I have about 800 DVDs... so I I get done 100 by this weekend, that would make this approximately a 2 month project, which isn't too bad... I'm considering spinning up the other two G4's I have (the home server once the RAID is straightened out, and the old one under the desk....). I make take over Gaby' iMac as well for a short time...

Using Handbrake works well, since you can queue up the conversion. I'm probably creating more work by ripping it with MacThe Ripper and then converting it, but as workflow goes, the process I'm doing seems to do okay.

I've got Cinema Paradiso playing right now (ripped with subtitles enabled), not bad... good film to use to usher in the project... (started on Wednesday). Wish me luck.
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